Integrative Therapeutic Massage • A renewing service that honors your level of pressure, with therapeutic strokes that allow for embodiment and relief of pain. Relaxing and eases muscle tension with targeted focus for any rehabilitating injuries.

Theradeep Massage Therapy ($100/hr) • This work allows for deep muscle tissues to be addressed. Recommended for those that have chronic pain, or are regularly active. This technique is used on specific muscles to reduce pain in that area. Deep Tissue is not applied throughout the entire massage, though very thorough on the areas that call for strong attention.

Vibrational Energy Healing Therapy • A transformational energy work that allows the receiver to release energy that no longer serves them. This work creates flow in the body, using movement techniques, vocalizing and breathe work, making space for new energy and light to enter through the healing process. This work can also be integrated into a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

Session Rates

• 30 minutes- $55 •// 45 minutes- $70 •// 60 minutes- $90 •// 80 minutes- $115 • 

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