“With Kai’s work I received relaxation, emotional release, healing, and lightening of my well being. Thank you may the healing you gave me come back to bless you hundredfold.” Kat Peters
Kai is excellent at finding out just the right way to approach the needs of her clients. I felt very comfortable during the whole session and I really appreciated the music and the energy that Kai put into her work. If you are looking for a practitioner who is in tune with both the physical needs and the subtle energies in your body, I highly recommend working with Kai!” – Dasha Pechurina
“There was emotional release and relaxation. Very gentle in your spirit, you made it safe and inviting. Your hands and you are definitely intuitive. Thank you.” Mai Vu
“With Kai’s Vibrational healing therapy I stepped into my own personal power, self-love and relaxation. Nothing for her to improve. Her vibe work is transformational.” Charlotte Bongat
“The therapist allows me to be extremely relaxed. She is very personable and professional. Great relaxing music selection. She listens to what your needs are and her pressure was just right. ” Brenda Montgomery